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If you are are a musician, you know how fun it can be to perform. The adrenaline is running through your veins and you know the audience is there to see you. This is an amazing sensation and it can be what you live and breathe for. However, if you are playing something that isn’t very difficult or that you play a lot, it may get a bit boring. As a result, you may not perform at your best with your full, conscious effort every time.

This is something you should try to avoid. Keep in mind that at every performance, someone will be there that will never see you perform again. That means this is your chance to leave a positive, lasting impression upon him or her. Your performance on one particular day will form someone’s opinion of you, so keep up your effort and give each performance everything you’ve got.

In addition, your performance may inspire a listener to be a musician as well. If you look bored and lackadaisical, you will not be very inspirational to anyone. Giving an exciting performance and giving it your all, getting into it and loving every moment of what you are doing, may be just the push someone needs to decide that he or she will be a musician. To hold back would be to deprive some listeners of that future.

This same idea can apply to any other pursuit, whether it be sports or dentistry. If you put in your all and get into what you’re doing, you will leave a good impression and inspire others to pursue the same path.