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You know that feeling.  Your heart starts to pump faster.  Beads of sweat form on the palms of your hands.  You are experiencing something called test anxiety.  examination stress

If you have ever been a student, you are well-acquainted with this phenomenon.  A major exam is taking place next period, but for some odd reason you can’t seem to remember any of the material you studied last night for three hours.  Could it just be a major brain fart? It’s more likely that you are too nervous, and the panic is clouding your memory and affecting your tranquility.

There is no need to fear.  It is always a good idea to step into a classroom with confidence and courage before a test in order to maintain a calm state of mind.  However, it is understandable if achieving this state of mind is a challenge.  That’s why Classical Music is here to help! It has been scientifically proven that listening to classical music while studying or taking a test improves memory and performance.  It’s called the ‘Mozart Effect’.  Personally, I know that listening to classical music while taking a test works wonders on my nerves.  My AP Economics teacher would play classical every time we take the essay portion of our tests.  I truly thank her for doing this simple act of kindness, because the music helped me achieve an A in the class.  I also find that listening to classical music while studying helps me focus and concentrate; thereby allowing me to retain most of the information.

mozart effect

So the next time you are stressing out for an upcoming exam, stop for a second, breathe, and tune in to classical music.  You will be amazed at the results!