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As we know, music can be a great joy to listen to. The melodies and harmonies can take us places we never imagined. However, this is only half the joy of music. Music has a social aspect as well. Music can bring people together in an activity. It can make people dance and party. I love to listen to music with my friends. We point out our favorite songs and our favorite parts of the songs.

However, there is an even more social aspect to music that creates an even deeper connection between people: performing it. Performing music allows the performers to express themselves in a way no words can. Performers form connections not only with each other, but also with their audience. If a performer puts his emotions into his music, the audience will sense this and draw an even deeper meaning from the music.

Above is a picture of my jazz band practicing together. We have fun and play the songs we think sound good or that we find enjoyable to play. All the while, we are forming a bond between each other that is like none other. We spread this bond to the world by performing our music and bring the joys of music to more people. It is amazing how a group of a few people can connect so many more people. Don’t be afraid to take initiative and start your own musical group if you have the desire.