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Magical moments, memorable scenes, touching plot, suspense, or horror. Think about it, would your favorite movie scenes be the same if there was no accompanying music? The truth is it would be completely different. It’s like taking the frosting off the cupcake or the flavor out of food. Everything that was once exciting and intense becomes bland and mediocre.

Imagine A Movie Without Music

In the classic Kung Fu movie Master of the Flying Guillotine, there are accompanying sound effects for everything.  Eerie music plays when the master of the flying guillotine emerges from a veil of fog and suspenseful music accompanies a scene where the audience is expecting something terrible to happen.  Even the punches and kicks in the air give off a pow pow whoosh whoosh sound.  According to today’s standards of cinema, the music and excessive sound effects may be considered cheesy but it really emphasizes the power and skill of kung fu masters.  

walk to remember

All of you chick flick lovers, I’m sure you have looked up the soundtrack to a good movie afterwards at least once in your life to download and listen to the songs over and over again.  This is because listening to the music from a memorable movie will bring back the feeling the movie gave you when you were watching it.

Music is very important in cinema.  Not only does it bring a movie to life, music speaks to the heart in a way that a moving picture alone cannot achieve.