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If you have a bad idea, go ahead with it! It may not turn out to be as bad as you think it is. At the very least it could start you thinking on the path toward a good idea. For every good idea there are many bad ones, so don’t be discouraged. In fact, jazz music did not appear out of nowhere, but rather evolved from its precursor: ragtime.

Ragtime was given its name because it was unlike all music that came before it. The name derives from “ragged time” because the rhythms in ragtime were not right on the beat. The music accentuated unconventional beats and thus created a new feel.

However, this new feel was not widely accepted at first. Many thought ragtime was a bad idea and openly opposed it. One writer in 1901 said, “This cheap, trashy stuff could not elevate even the most degraded minds, nor could it possibly urge anyone to greater effort in the acquisition of culture in any phase.” Many thought that because of its strange rhythms, ragtime would cause brain and nervous system damage to listeners.

Despite all of this criticism, ragtime lived on and became some of America’s most iconic music: jazz. This just goes to show that, while an idea may seem bad, this is by no means necessarily the case. So next time you have an idea, give it a try. You never know what will come of it.