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Every artist’s worst fear: creativity block.  You know that feeling, whether you’re trying to write an essay, paint a picture, or film a video when all of a sudden you cannot think of an idea!  Your palms start to sweat, your head starts to spin, and your confidence starts to dwindle.  Well, have no fear! Because the power of music can work wonders. One of the many effects is to spark innovation and creativity.  Once you pump up your favorite jam and start swaying to the beat, the rhythm starts to break down the creativity block chip by chip and soon your mind is free-flowing like a river of imagination.


Whenever I’m about to start a painting, but I’m afraid to lay down the first stroke of the brush, I put on my favorite CD and let the music take me into another dimension.  Once I get lost in the rhythm and beat of the song, I forget all about the self-doubts and worries that prevent me from expressing my creativity to its full potential.  Music has the ability to remove societal pressures and expectations when one is being innovative by creating an imagination similar to that of Caine from Caine’s Arcade.  Caine is a boy featured in a documentary about how he built his very own arcade using nothing but cardboard boxes. Both have one thing in common: unrestrained individuality.