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Music has a great power: the power to affect our minds. Music can make a person feel sadness or joy, provoke inspiration or deep thoughts. This power is the reason why music can be the root of innovation. I know that I personally am more inclined to think up new ideas while listening to music. However, this is actually a mutual relationship: Just as music is important to innovation, innovation is of equal, if not greater, importance to music.

If there had never been innovation in music, where would all the variety that exists today be? Would we be stuck forever with instruments such as trumpets and violins? Granted, these are beautiful instruments, but it can be a bit redundant to have all music consist of the same instrumentation. Instruments such as the saxophone and the electric guitar have each revolutionized music in their own right.

The same goes for different styles of music. While classical music was once ruler of the musical realm, it has now been overtaken in popularity by many other forms of music. Where would we be without jazz, which was completely radical when it first emerged? It has now become the epitome of American music. And who can forget genres such as rock, country, and pop? There is more variety in music now than most people know what to do with.

All of these new developments came about because of innovative people. They had new ideas and went ahead with them and, as a result, many millions more people can hear the fruits of their innovation and draw innovation of their own from it. I encourage you, reader, to invest some time in music and see what it can do for you and what contributions you can make to it.